Golf Instruction Tips

There are golf tips for every part of your game. We all want to improve our game, be more consistent, hit the ball longer, and lower our score. Here are some golf tips for the average player.

  • Off the Tee: Most golfers cannot hit the ball straight. So you need to understand your golf shape and which side of the fairway it favors. Setting your stance up to allow the ball to move the other way. If the hole doesn’t “fit” your typical swing, use a shorter club off the tee.
  • Swing Speed: Club head speed is the key to hitting the ball further. A faster swing comes with both hands working together. Grip the club lightly. Gripping the club too tightly is the number one reason most golfers struggle with club head speed.
  • Wrist Cock:  Good players maintain wrist cock through the golf swing. The hands need to be slightly ahead of the ball on impact. This creates more power in the golf swing. Most high handicappers release the hands early instead of having the hands ahead of the ball at impact.
  • The Grip: Gripping the club too tight causes weak shots that will tend to slice. You should feel relaxed and tension free in your hands and forearms when addressing the ball. Gripping the club tighter with your hands and forearms will constrict your swing and the distance that you hit the ball.
  • Setup: If you don’t set up yourself correctly, you’re bound to hit a lousy shot even if you hit your best shot. Good setup helps creates power and control of the direction of your golf shot.
  • Playing out of Sand: Playing out of sand depends on setup. Equal weight on each foot, club face slightly open and hitting behind the ball to allow the sand to lift the ball out of the trap.
Enjoy your next golf outing and take a look at your different options for golf insurance before you go!