Golf Mechanics

One of the most difficult things and something every golfer strives for is to be able to consistently hit the ball every time. In order to develop a routine that you can trust and rely on is by practicing your golf swing mechanics. Learning a golf swing that fits your body and physical abilities is what leads to building a repeatable golf swing. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Tension: This kills your golf swing. It tightens the muscles in your hands and fore arms and reduces your ability to hit the ball any distance. Grip the club with your fingers and not in the palm of your hand and consciously loosen your grip.
  • Grip: You want to keep your hands ahead of the clubface. You will hit the ball a lot cleaner and further.
  • Stance: Your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulders. The ball should be placed just inside the heel of your left foot for your tee shot and longer iron shots (just the reverse if you are a left handed player).
  • Ball above Your Feet: You will want to choke down on the club as you will be closer to the ball than a shot from a flat lie. The ball will have a tendency to go left, so aim further to the right.
  • Ball below Your Feet:  With a ball below your feet the ball is going to want to go right. Bend down more than usual when addressing the ball. Aim to the left and take an extra club to allow for loss of distance.
  • Alignment: Find a target line that you want the ball to start out on and then in addressing the ball align your body accordingly.
  • Distance off the Tee: Everyone wants to hit the ball longer off the tee. In order to do this you must tee the ball up off of your forward arch foot. This allows you to hit up on the ball which creates more topspin and allows the ball to roll further.
  • Rhythm: Keep the tempo of your backswing and downswing smooth and steady.
Enjoy your next round of golf!