Golf Insurance Claims

Many do not know that they are liable for their mishit golf shot and any damage or liability it may cause.  Even the best golfers mishit shots from time to time and a golf ball can do as much damage as a large hail stone.  An example of one golf insurance claim came In 1998 when a low handicap golfer was directed to pay damages of more than 70,000 after he mishit his golf ball causing him to strike a fellow golfer with his shot.

The golfer was attempting to hit the ball over a hazardous area towards the green.  He swung very hard and mishit his ball, causing it to strike a tree.  The ball ricocheted hard off the tree and hit another golfer who was standing many yards away on the next fairway.

The golfer shouted "FORE" when he realized he mishit his shot very badly.  Unfortunately, the golfer on the other fairway who was hit did not hear the shout and was struck badly in his eye by the golf ball.

The golfer sustained damage to his eye and retina from the mishit golf ball. A court case was held for the damages and the judges upheld the verdict that the golfer who mishit the shot is responsible to the pay damages, even though he shouted a warning.

This case is one example of many relating injuries or damage during a round of golf.  Most golfers can attest to hitting a house or mishitting many shots while playing a round of golf.  Now with courts putting the liability back on golfers for the damages, it is imperative to have some type of golf insurance coverage.  It is relatively inexpensive for the money it can save you in the long run and it is just not worth the risk of golfing without.  For more information on Golf Insurance talk with an insurance broker or look under the many directories on to find a policy that is right for you and your golf game.