Golf Etiquette

Etiquette is defined in the dictionary as the conventional requirements of social behavior and proprieties of conduct as established for any occasion. There are rules of etiquette for golf and all players should act in a disciplined and courteous manner, displaying sportsmanship at all times.

Some of these Rules of Golf Etiquette are:

  • Safety: One of the first things that you need to know about golf etiquette is safety. You need to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. Do not swing clubs while other people are walking around, and you should not be walking around others that are swinging clubs. Players should not hit until the group of players in front of them are out of range. If you have mishit a ball and it is in danger of hitting someone, immediately shout the warning of “fore”.
  • Quiet: When you are on the green putting, teeing off or another golfer is preparing to hit the ball, QUIET is the word.
  • Course Maintenance:
    1. Fairways: Repair divots by replacing the grass and/or use the sand mixture on the cart.
    2. Sand Traps: Pick up a rack and walk towards your ball. A player is not allowed to “ground” their club in any type of hazard (as this counts as a stroke). A player should rake the sand smooth as the next player will have to play the ball from your footprint. Return the rake outside of the trap with the rack handle parallel to the fairway.
    3. Greens: Repair all ball marks both yours and others.
  • Etiquette on the Green:
    1. The furthest player from the hole putts first.
    2. Mark your ball, if it is in the line of another player. This should be a club length away, returning your ball to your original spot once the other player has putted.
    3. Do not walk on another player’s line.
    4. Typically, the player closest to the flag is the one that tends it.
  • Pace of Play: Players should try to keep up with the group in front of them. If you are being pushed from behind, you should allow faster players to play through.
  • Ready Golf: Typically the player that is furthest away is the one that hits. If you agree to play “Ready Golf”, whoever is ready can hit. This helps speed up play.
So now that you know some golf etiquette, get out there and have some fun!