Golfing and Back Pain

 One of the most common injuries in golf is lower back pain. The golf swing is an unnatural motion and is severe on your back. Specifically, maintaining a stationary lower body and rotating your upper body around can be merciless on a golfer’s lower back. This movement is continued for the entire 18 holes. Not to mention bending over to put the ball on a tee or to retrieve a putted ball out of the hole. It is said that at some point during an amateurs playing days, 80% of them experience lower back pain.

The lower back muscles are tight and weak on most amateurs. Most of us perform stationary activities such as sitting at a desk, working on a computer or driving a car. This further contributes to tightness and weakness of the lower back muscles.

Exercising and stretching are one of the quickest ways to alleviate and prevent back pain. As the golf swing depends upon a high level of flexibility, it makes sense to start using exercising and stretching activities that apply to the lower back. The exercising and stretching are only effective if done on a regular basis (daily or every other day). If left alone through lack of exercise and stretching the muscles will “go back” to their original tightened or inelastic state.

See your doctor or physical therapist for exercises and stretches that can help you eliminate lower back pain.